Hôtel Solvay

The Solvay House greatly contributed to Victor Horta's rising reputation as a world-class architect. His new focus on the innate vitality of people led him to change many accepted practices. He adapted and altered metal frame used in industrial structures to bring radically new qualities to the inner space of a home.

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Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Monument, the Solvay House is a part of the major Town Houses of the Architect Victor Horta.

In 1894, Armand Solvay, the chemistry magnate, engaged his services, granting him unlimited freedom of creation and unrestricted funding to bring to fruition the project of a home for his bride.

Hôtel Solvay

These innovations are all directed toward enhancing the life of those who dwell in the house.

What strikes the visitor to this wonderful building is its luminous space, in which light filters through from everywhere, softened by the carefully arranged coloration of the walls, the floor coverings, and the glasswork.

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